Hello Workflow

Start here to learn how to build workflows with Orquestra.

Hello Component

Learn how to build workflow components with Orquestra.

ML 1: Running a simple workflow

Learn how to write a workflow template to run a machine learning model.

ML 2: Building a simple workflow

Write a simple workflow that trains a machine learning model.

ML 3: Building a modular workflow

Write a workflow with several steps that trains a machine learning model.

Probabilistic Modeling with Quantum Circuits

Find a quantum distribution which generates the Bars and Stripes dataset with a Quantum Circuit Born Machine.

Simulate H₂ with VQE

Calculate the equilibrium bond length of H₂ with a variational quantum eigensolver.

Solve Max Cut With QAOA

Find the maximum cut whose size is at least the size of any other cut using the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm