Components represent reusable bits used within a step of a workflow. Each component is versioned, stored external to Orquestra and treated as the source of truth. When a workflow step begins Orquestra get each component and ensures it is placed into the runtime environment.

Once a component is placed into the runtime environment, the bits are then available to the task within /app/task.

Where do Components come from?

Each component in the workflow has a type. This type determines how the bits are retrieved, and where they are placed into the runtime environment.

Orquestra comes with a “core” component type to cover the common use case git. Other component types can be community developed, deployed and then used within your workflow as well.

Referencing a Component in a Workflow

For a detailed explanation of how to import a component from within a workflow, please refer to the “Components” section in Workflow Basics. To see an example of a git component, check out Zapata’s z-quantum-core component on GitHub.