QE Retry

Command Description
workflow Retry a specific resource that is in a Failed/Error status
Flags Description
-h, --help help for using retry

Note: qe retry commands require you to be logged in (see Login).

qe retry workflow

To retry a workflow that has Failed/Errored, please run the following command:

qe retry workflow <workflow id>

This will cause Quantum Engine to immediately retry your workflow under a new workflow id with the following behavior:

  • Retry workflow only runs failed steps from the original workflow that has not been purged from the system.
  • Successfull steps are never retried.
  • When retrying a workflow the original workflow is left in an immutable state.
  • Naming Example:
    • Original Workflow Id: marco-polo-1234
    • Retry Workflow Id: marco-polo-1234-abfse