QE CLI commands

Command Description
Login Login to Orquestra
Update Update specified resource(s) locally
Version Display Quantum Engine version
Help Help about any command
Submit Submits one or more resources
Get Displays information about one or more resources
List Displays a resource list
Stop Stops a specific resource that is running and removes it from the scheduler.
Retry Retry a specific resource that is in a Failed/Error status.
Install Installs one or more resources


In order to start being productive with Orquestra, you need to log in to the platform using the Quantum Engine CLI.

The Quantum Engine requires you to be a registered user with Zapata Computing. Please contact support if you do not yet have an account.

The login process can be initiated through the CLI using the following command:

qe login -s <quantum-engine-server-uri>

where the quantum-engine-server-uri will be provided to you by Orquestra Support.

The CLI will provide a URL that can be accessed through a web browser in order to complete the login process. Authenticate using the Login with Orquestra option. Upon successful authentication you will receive an access token that must be sent back to the CLI for usig Orquestra.

Note: Currently, login is supported using OpenIdConnect and you will get an access token that is valid for 24 hours once you have sucessfully logged in and approved access to required resources. If your access token has expired, you will be asked to re-authenticate to get a new token.

After logging in for the first time, you can re-authenticate using the login command without the -s flag:

qe login


The update command can be used to update the currently installed version of the QE cli with the current Orquestra platform server version.

Example usage:

qe update cli [flags]

Note: Depending on where your qe CLI is installed you may need to run the above command with sudo

Flag Description
-h, --help Print help text for the command
-y, --yes Don’t prompt for confirmation before performing the update.


Get the version of the qe CLI and the version of the quantum engine server

Example usage:

qe version


Get help on a command and its supported flags and arguments

Example usage:

qe help