• artifact: A data object, stored as a JSON file, that is created and/or used by steps in a workflow. Artifacts can also be passed between steps.
  • component: An external and pluggable resource that gives your workflow additional functionality. It contains source code and is a public github repository.
  • Data Correlation Service: The service in Orquestra responsible for the correlation and aggregation of all the data produced by a workflow.
  • Quantum Engine: The coordinating service that manages running workflows, returning output data, and returning the logs generated by each run.
  • source code: Code contained in a component. Source code is callable by a step or source code contained in another component.
  • step: An individual operation in a workflow. It specifies inputs, outputs, and source code to execute.
  • step ID: A string identifier for a specific step during a specific run of a workflow.
  • workflow: An instruction set consisting of user-defined steps to be run by Quantum Engine.
  • workflow ID: A string generated by Quantum Engine that is used as an identifier for a specific run of a workflow.
  • workflow result: A JSON file produced by the Data Correlation Service that contains data about each step in a workflow and contains all of the artifacts produced by a workflow.