Data Management Suite

Orquestra has a complete data management lifecycle system for items passed between steps of a workflow.

Workflow executions create two categories of data: artifacts and steps.

  • An Artifact is a unit of data that is used or created by a workflow execution. For example, an artifact can repesent a molecule or a circuit.
  • A Step Data Object is a unit of data that contains information about one step that was run by a workflow.

Orquestra has two distinct functions that it performs on workflow data: correlation and aggregation.

  • The function of correlation is to collect output artifacts from a workflow execution, create step data objects, and persist both the artifacts and step data objects for subsequent processing.
  • The function of aggregation is to transform all of the artifacts from one execution of a workflow into a format that is suitable for data analysis. The format of the output is described in more detail on the workflow results as JSON page.

Data management

Data Management System Overview

Learn about the different components of the Data Management System

Data Aggregation

Transformation of workflow artifacts for further data analysis

Data Correlation

Linking workflow outputs together for further analysis

Workflow Artifacts

Input and output of data from steps of a workflow

Workflow Result

View and analyze workflow results in JSON format